Robotic Uro Surgeon in Kolkata Prof Dr. Sandeep Gupta use robotic technology in performing urological surgeries. This advanced surgical approach involves the use of a robotic system controlled by a surgeon to perform precise and minimally invasive procedures on the urinary tract and male reproductive system.

Robotic-assisted surgery offers several advantages over traditional open surgery and laparoscopic techniques. These benefits include:

  1. Enhanced precision: The robotic system provides greater dexterity and precision compared to human hands, allowing for more accurate surgical maneuvers.
  2. Improved visualization: Robotic systems typically include high-definition 3D cameras, providing surgeons with a detailed view of the surgical site. This enhanced visualization helps surgeons navigate complex anatomy more effectively.
  3. Minimally invasive: Robotic surgery involves smaller incisions than traditional open surgery, leading to less blood loss, reduced pain, and faster recovery times for patients.
  4. Reduced surgeon fatigue: The ergonomic design of robotic systems allows surgeons to perform procedures with less physical strain, reducing fatigue during lengthy surgeries.

Common urological procedures performed using robotic-assisted surgery include prostatectomy (removal of the prostate gland), nephrectomy (removal of the kidney), cystectomy (removal of the bladder), pyeloplasty (repair of a blockage in the urinary tract), and partial nephrectomy (removal of part of the kidney).

While robotic urological surgery offers many benefits, it’s essential to note that not all patients are candidates for this approach, and outcomes can vary depending on factors such as the surgeon’s experience and the patient’s individual circumstances. Patients considering robotic-assisted surgery should discuss the risks and benefits with their healthcare provider to determine the most appropriate treatment option for their condition.

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Robotic Urological Surgeon in Kolkata

Robotic Urological Surgeon in Kolkata used for procedures such as:

  1. Prostatectomy: Removal of the prostate gland, often for prostate cancer.
  2. Pyeloplasty: Repair of a blockage between the kidney and the ureter.
  3. Nephrectomy: Removal of part or all of a kidney.
  4. Cystectomy: Removal of part or all of the bladder, often for bladder cancer.
  5. Partial nephrectomy: Removal of part of a kidney, typically for kidney cancer or to remove a benign tumor.

The surgeon controls the robotic system, which consists of robotic arms equipped with surgical instruments and a high-definition camera. The surgeon sits at a console and operates the controls, while the robotic system translates their movements into precise actions inside the patient’s body.